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Our client base is primarily drawn from the niche industries of Private Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecoms, Higher Education and Local Government.


The Revco Group comprises of the following entities:

  • Revenue Consulting (Pty) Ltd
    • Revco is a specialist debt collection agency which has been operating for 16 years across all major industries in South Africa.
  • Revenue Consulting (Lesotho) (Pty) Ltd
    • Revco Lesotho is the group’s debt collection company operating in Lesotho.
  • PSU Consulting (Pty) Ltd
    • PSU is a company specialising in public sector revenue processes and methodologies as well as revenue enhancement strategies.

Our Employment Equity Policy

As a leading provider of debt management and collection solutions in South Africa, one of REVCO’s strategic objectives is to be an employer of choice.  To achieve this we offer a package of development, education and international career opportunities.  The diversity of people is seen as an asset whereby people contribute to the growth of our business in various ways.

Employment Equity is seen as a business imperative and any measures taken in this regard form part of REVCO’s overall business strategy.

Human Resources Policies relating to employment equity will cover recruitment of members of the designated groups; induction training; mentorship programs; career planning; cultural diversity training;  gender issues;  harassment policies, and training and development.

Employment Equity Objectives

In order to ensure equal opportunities for all employees and to be recognized as a market leader in employment equity, REVCO accepts, amongst others, the following objectives:

  • Promoting equal opportunity for all employees and fair treatment in the workplace through the elimination of unfair discrimination in decision-making.
  • Implementing affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantages in the workplace experienced by designated groups.
  • Ensuring equitable representation of the designated groups in all occupational categories and levels in the workforce.
  • Promotion of employee diversity.
  • Introduction of measures and procedures for transformation.

Communication And Consultation

REVCO believes in a process of consultation in employment equity matters.

Roles And Responsibilities

The Directors are responsible for the overall implementation of the plan which includes the following:

  • The incorporation of employment equity initiatives into the Group’s strategic objectives.
  • Ensuring a budget allocation to finance employment equity initiatives.
  • Ensuring commitment by senior management.
  • Monitoring the implementation process and liasing with the Department of Labour.
  • Formulating the operational vision of the Group.
  • Initiating employment equity audits when required and the drafting of the plan.
  • Communicating with all non-executive directors, senior management and the EESC on all employment equity initiatives.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the employment equity plan takes place.

The Employment Equity Steering Committee Is Responsible For:

  • Ensuring that all employees of REVCO have the opportunity to contribute to the attainment of optimal organizational efficiency.
  • Facilitating upward and downward communication;
  • Communicating initiatives to employees;
  • Obtaining feedback and suggestions from employees;
  • Obtaining feedback from the Directors on the implementation of the plan;
  • Reporting on progress made on equity initiatives to senior management and the Directors;
  • Bringing forward issues impending the creation of an organizational culture conducive to development and retention;
  • Attending meetings and carrying out delegated tasks within the agreed time periods;
  • Being office roles models; and
  • Adhering to he principles and the objectives of REVCO’s Employment Equity Policy

Implementation And Monitoring

Monitoring and evaluation are critical to ensure that employment equity initiatives are successfully implemented and targets are achieved within the stipulated time frames.  The Directors are responsible for implementing the Plan.

The overall responsibility to ensure compliance with the applicable employment equity legislation vests with the Directors of REVCO, who will submit the Consortium Plan and annual reports to the Director-General of the Department of Labour.

For the full Employment Equity Policy, please contact the REVCO Office.